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Free Full Download Mike Chang - SixPack Shortcuts Complete

Mike Chang - SixPack Shortcuts Complete

Mike Chang - SixPack Shortcuts Complete

Mike Chang - SixPack Shortcuts Complete | 3.2 GB
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Have you ever felt hesitant or slightly embarrassed to take your shirt off at the beach or pool? Even though youre not fat or obesedo you ever wish you had tastefully muscular abs that youd be proud to show? Have you ever done tons of crunches and sit upsonly to be discouraged by how little visible difference they made in your abs? Have you tried everything to lose that stubborn belly fat, but havent found something thats worked for you?
If you answered YES! to any of these questions, youre not alone. These were the biggest frustrations that I had myself when trying to get abs. And if you want to know the solution for getting six pack abs that worked for me and many other guys, this may be the most important letter youve ever read.

Do you ever get frustrated by the contradictory and sometimes flat out wrong fitness information out there on the internet? Do you ever get confused by this information overload - and you dont know where to begin getting abs?
Or like many of my other clients, do you have a firm grasp on how to gain muscle on the rest of your bodybut getting six pack abs has STILL eluded you?

How Is Six Pack Shortcuts Different From Everything Else Out There?

One thing you should know this program is EXTREMELY different than most fitness and diet programs. Here are the most important differences:

Six Pack Shortcuts was personally designed by me. Im an ISSA certified personal trainer, with years of experience training clients in the real world. And as youve seen in my pictures, Ive also managed to achieve a great physique and six pack abs myself unlike many other people selling exercise courses.

Most fitness programs give you dozens of different habits and changes in your lifestyle, which youre expected to make all at the same time. Six Pack Shortcuts, on the other hand, gives you just TWO or THREE key habits to learn in each phase of the program. What does that mean for you? Less confusion, an easier time implementing what you learn, and ultimately increased chances of success with the program.

Six Pack Shortcuts is delivered through a series of entertaining, yet informative online videos. You can download the videos permanently to your computer, or stream them online from anywhere in the world. This means no slogging through 300 pages of boring text or hours of lecture. It also means that youll get access to the videos INSTANTLY - no waiting around for weeks for something to get shipped to you.

Six Pack Shortcuts teaches you everything you need to know about both exercise and nutrition for getting six pack abs. Its a complete guide to getting abs you wont have to buy anything else.

And most importantly: Six Pack Shortcuts includes unlimited email support from me personally, and unlimited phone support from certified personal trainers on my team. Most fitness products just give you a bunch of information, and youre left on your own as to exactly how to apply it. I give you the information and knowledge you need, AND I mentor and support you every step of the way.

Heres How Six Pack Shortcuts Works

Six Pack Shortcuts is divided into four phases. In each phase of the program, you will be focusing on a achieving small goals that will bring you closer to your final goal of getting a muscular body with abdominal definition.

In Phase 1, we focus on building total body muscle mass. Youll be doing full body workouts designed to put overall size and muscularity on your body. We also focus on developing a a few positive exercise habits during this phase. Youll get in the habit of doing short workouts consistently, every week. Youll also get in the habit of preparing seven healthy meals at the beginning of each week, and eating one healthy pre prepared meal per day. The workouts in this phase are shorter, easier, and less intense. This is because it is important to condition your body before doing extremely intense workouts, and to ensure the workouts are realistic to stick to if you are just beginning to exercise.

In Phase 2, we focus on total body fat loss. Of course, much of the fat lost will be in your abdominal area, and this will later help with your goal of getting ab definition. In this Phase, you will begin doing more high intensity cardiovascular exercise designed to accelerate fat loss and build functional strength. You will also be reducing your rest times when doing weight training, in order to achieve an aerobic exercise effect and burn more calories and fat. Finally, we will be focusing on eating three healthy pre prepared meals per day in this Phase. The focus is on maintaining your strength and muscle mass in this phase, while losing fat. These habits together will help you to achieve the caloric deficit which is necessary to achieve this goal.

In Phase 3, we focus on building your core muscle and breaking through exercise plateaus. The workouts in this phase are MUCH more intense than in previous phases. If you have been following the program in Phase 1 and 2 though, your body will now be ready for this type of extremely challenging workout. The focus in this phase is on heavy, compound weight training that engages your entire body. Squats, dead lifts, power cleans, military presses, and many other heavy, compound lifts are heavily utilized in this phase. The goal in this phase is to shock your muscles into further growth. These exercises also build an extremely strong core, and muscle mass on your abdominals. This will tremendously benefit you in Phase 4 where we focus on shedding the last few pounds of fat, so that your abdominal muscle is visible.

In Phase 4, we focus on the losing the last few pounds of fat necessary to achieve the six pack abs look. This is also the maintenance phase you will be repeating this phase permanently in order to maintain your abs. In this Phase we focus on full implementation of the eating system you will now be eating five healthy pre prepared meals per day. We also teach advanced fat loss strategies in this phase. These are not necessary for beginners, but will tremendously help you to achieve the low body fat percentage that is necessary for six pack abs. Finally, you will be given ten different workouts in this phase. This is to ensure your workouts always stay fresh and interesting, since you will be doing this phase permanently to maintain your body. The workouts in this phase focus on maintaining your total body muscle mass, while also adding the final details to your physique. You will be using more isolation exercises in this phase, since your experience with exercise will now make them valuable.

Expected time commitment for each phase: For each phase, you will be expected to study 2 3 hours of video material before beginning. Dan and I explain the goals and focus of each phase first, and teach you the concepts you need to know to be successful. Then we actually take you into the gym, and show you how to do the workouts. Finally, we take you into the kitchen and show you how to prepare your meals.

In each phase, you will be doing short workouts 4 days per week. On average these will be around 30 minutes, but it varies by Phase and by how much rest time you choose to take in your workouts. For most clients, the workouts will take around 25 minutes in Phase 1, 30 minutes in Phase 2, 45 minutes in Phase 3, and 30 minutes in Phase 4.

You should also expect to spend 60 90 minutes per week pre cooking healthy meals. These meals will later be microwaved, so that you always have healthy food available right away.

Heres What Youll Be Getting When You Download Six Pack Shortcuts

27 of my BEST workouts Ive specially designed 27 workouts which Ive found to be the best for getting my clients in shape fast. These workouts are short (only 20 30 minutes each), but very INTENSE. Many clients have told me that after the very first workout, they knew that these were the most effective exercises theyd ever done in their life.

Youll get a workout quick start guide, which includes all the exercises you need for the program. You can take this to the gym with you, and use it to track your progress with the program.

Killer bodyweight exercises and high intensity cardio Ive also included 31 different bodyweight exercises in the program, which can be done at home with no equipment. Some of these bodyweight exercises are EXCELLENT for building muscle mass and strength (even better than exercises requiring complex gym equipment!) But the reason why I use most of these exercises is for rapid fat loss, and to build athleticism and functional strength.

This is because I dont want your body to be just for show. I want you to be functionally athletic as well not just good looking. These bodyweight exercises will help you to develop better sports performance, or to just be stronger and have more endurance when doing everyday tasks. Ive also found that women really appreciate functional strength as well!

17 awesome ab exercises to define your core. As I mentioned before, there is more to getting abs than just doing ab exercises. Youll need to lose your belly fat before your ab muscle will be visible. But once you have lost this fat using the total body exercises in my program, my arsenal of 17 direct ab exercises will really help you define your core.

Ive personally found these exercises to be much more effective than standard crunches and sit ups. And, Ive also found them to be much safer, because they dont place as much strain on your neck and lower back.

Advanced muscle building and fat loss theory Youll learn the PRINCIPLES behind muscle building and fat loss, not just be given a bunch of workouts. This will allow you to intelligently customize the program to your own unique needs, lifestyle and desired physique. Youll also be able to avoid many of the common mistakes that guys make when trying to get in shape, so youll save a lot of time and wasted effort in the gym.

And most importantly unlimited email support from me personally, and unlimited phone support from certified personal trainers on my team. I feel that this is one of the MOST important factors that sets Six Pack Shortcuts apart from all other exercise and nutrition programs.

Of course, I feel that the information in the course is the best out there. But Ill be honest with you for the average person, your chances of success are MINIMAL with information and knowledge alone, even if the knowledge is top notch. The reason for this is that its very hard to stick with a program if you have no one to support, mentor and coach you.

With Six Pack Shortcuts, Ill be by your side every step of the way. Ill personally answer any questions that you have about the program through email. Ill even work with you to customize the workouts to your individual body type and goals. And if youd like to talk to someone on the phone, the program also includes unlimited phone coaching from certified personal trainers on my team. Theyll coach you and work to keep you on track with the program to give you the maximum chance of success.

As I mentioned before, Six Pack Shortcuts is delivered through a series of online videos on my private members only site. Youll be given a username and password immediately after you order, and youll be able to login INSTANTLY to start watching the videos.

All the videos can be either streamed or downloaded permanently to your computer. This means that you can watch the videos from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You can also download them all to your hard drive, so you can watch them even when youre not connected. The videos are downloadable in .mp4 format, which means that theyll play on any computer with a standard media player.

You can also download the videos to your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android or pretty much any other mobile device. The videos are compatible with these devices, so theyll be no problem playing them. This means you can bring the videos with you to the gym, and do the workouts along with me. Many of my clients follow the program with a mobile device this way, and they tell me its great to have videos showing them exactly what to do right there at the gym

The program is designed to get you started FAST, without having to learn a bunch of theory. You can get started doing the first workout within 30 minutes. This is because I believe its critical to take action right away if you want to get in great shape.

But its also designed to be very in depth and to give you a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of exercise and nutrition. The core program includes over 11 hours of professionally produced, high definition video footage featuring me and other certified personal trainers on my team.


Mike Chang - SixPack Shortcuts Complete

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